Friday, February 4th, 2011...5:26 am

makedo is Awesome!

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I brought the makedo kit to  my Eco Art class this week and without hesitation the kids declared it AWESOME! With very little instruction they took to  it –sawing, punching holes and connecting cardboard.

The kids agreed that a group project would be fun and were very excited to build a city for their first makedo experience!  To get them in the spirit they read one of my favorite books –Iggy Peck Architect. Then we put on our “construction hats” and began. First they were urban planners; and decided the location for all the buildings.  Then we started attaching the buildings.

One of my favorite parts is the telescope! Note the horizontal tube –thanks to the makedo connector it pivots and you can “view” the whole horizon.The kids are not quite done with the city; they think it needs a zoo! I couldn’t agree more! Stayed tuned to see how it develops next week.

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