Saturday, April 3rd, 2010...8:36 am

Friday’s Flickr Find-A spectacular way to display children’s art

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spectacular way to display kids art

I know I say this alot–but I absolutely LOVE this image. It’s pure genius and  what a great way to perserve your childrens’ art. Don’t be fooled it’s not wallpaper–the artist painted the frames with  black craft paint. She used sharpies to do the detail work. Simply spectacular.

My own version is spinning around in my head; with 3 kids I’ll have enough art to fill a room and more! If you want a head start  on the frames; Land of Nod makes this wallpaper.

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  • That wall is so clever! What a difference it makes to kiddy art that I tend to blu-tac to their walls. Where’s that Sharpie now?

  • I am thinking my own version in the kitchen, with some frames with chalkboard paint for lists and some with magnetic paint for invitations, etc.

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